Business Payments Easter Gift Event!

We at Business Payments decided to host an Easter Event for our users to share a feeling of how Business Payments helps you make the most of the bright Easter time, instead of doing bookkeeping manually.
We, from our side, prepared gifts for every participant and a Grand  Gift  for the most memorable review!
Everyone, who will leave a review of Business Payments between 23d and 7th of May, will receive a guaranteed amount of syncs and the best review will win their authors a Family dinner in their local restaurant!

Have you published your review already on Intuit?

No problem! Leave another one on a Capterra platform and send us a screenshot confirmation to confirm your participation in our Easter Event!

How to Participate?

What should I do? 

To be a part of our Easter Event, follow the 3 easy steps:
  1.  Place your review of Business Payments on one of the offered platforms:
    Intuit Apps or;
  2. Take a screenshot. (How to take screenshots?)
  3. Send it to
Place review on
Place review on Intuit AppStore


  • Guaranteed 250 Syncs for every participant;

  • Family Dinner for the most memorable review.