How to Schedule Your Imports to QuickBooks Desktop in Business Importer


Schedule: now you can schedule your imports to QuickBooks Desktop using Business Importer.

Schedule Imports into QuickBooks Desktop

To schedule any import to QuickBooks Desktop in Business Importer, please, follow the simple steps:

  1. Open Business Importer and go to File -> Schedule Import.
  2. Select import file, sheets,  import type and import mapping (saved previously).
  3. Shedule your import. Choose necessary day(s) of the week and start time. Then click on ‘Schedule’.

schedule import2


info schedule



After completing these steps, your import will start at the date and time you have chosen.

Please note: you should not close Business Importer if you have a schedule configured, otherwise scheduled import won’t start! However, if this happened, don’t worry, run Business Importer once again and your schedule will be restored automatically.


Remember, that you can address us with any question you might have. We will be happy to assist.
Leave a message, email or call us at 302-261-36-44 .


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