Business Payments – Synchronize Transactions between PayPal and QuickBooks Online

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Automatically convert your transactions from PayPal to QuickBooks Online Sales Receipts, Expenses or Refunds using .

New App for autosynchronizing payments between PayPal and QuickBooks Online is now available on the QuickBooks Online app center.

Business Payments provides an easy and time efficient way to automatically send your transactions (invoice payments, payments, recurring payments, refunds, shopping cart payments) from PayPal to QuickBooks Online.

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Business Payments: Main Features

Transactions Flow Autosynchronization between PayPal and QuickBooks Online

  • Fast connection of PayPal account and QuickBooks Online;
  • Configuring the types of transactions you want to receive in QuickBooks Online;
  • Configuring accounts and PayPal transaction type correspondence (to create proper SalesReceipt, Expenses, Customers and Products);
  • Automatical transactions sending directly to QuickBooks Online;
  • New clients, products or services autocreation;
  • Secure data flow between PayPal and QuickBooks Online;
  • Refunds for payments creation.


No need to enter your data manually – Business Payments sends all your accounting data from PayPal to QuickBooks Online.


More Information about Business Payments is available on this page.

Business Payments is available on the QuickBooks Online app center.

Rollback Function

If you need to undo the syncing, you can easily and quickly rollback any transaction. Rollback will completely take the transaction away from your QuickBooks.

To rollback a single transaction, find the transaction under Syncs History. Click on Show log as pictured


If you wish to rollback several transactions, use the checkbox under Syncs History as pictured


Alternatively, rollback all by opening Syncs History and clicking on Rollback all sync.


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