Export transactions from QuickBooks Online is easy, if you use Business Importer


Using Business Importer, you can not only import transactions into QuickBooks Online,  but also Online account in 2 formats – Excel and IIF.

Export transactions from QuickBooks Online – the process takes only 5 simple steps with Business Importer.

Step 1. Go to your Business Importer account and link it to your QuickBooks Online account.

Step 2. Go to Export tab and open Select Entities folder. Select Company and Entities you want to export.

Step 3.  In the table appeared below select necessary transactions or objects. Apply filter – by Creation or Transaction date, or Document number.

Step 4. Click on Export selected and choose the file format you want to receive – Excel or IIF.

Step 5. Confirm the action and receive the file with exported transactions by your e-mail or in Business Importer.

Export transactions from QuickBooks

Export transactions from QuickBooks

What you get with the new feature of export transactions from QuickBooks Online account:

Easy Documents and transactions search in Business Importer

Search easily and fast the necessary documents and transactions in Business Importer.

Transactions export in 2 formats – Excel and IIF.

Choose the format you want to get your exporter transactions and objects from QuickBooks Online account, depending on your needs. It could be Excel or IIF.

Export of IIF format.

Get exported transactions from QuickBooks Online account in IIF. Why do you need IIF fille? IIF – is a special format that is used inside of QuickBooks. So, having exported the IIF file from QuickBooks Online account, you can import IIF file into QuickBooks Desktop version.


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