Import transactions into Quickbooks is easy, if you use Business Importer

import transactions into quickbooks

Business Importer is an easy-to-use application that gives answer to a very common question that many QuickBooks users ask: “How to import transactions into Quickbooks?”.

With Business Importer, the process of importing all your transactions will take several minutes. Instead of typing information for hours, just upload the file into application, specify settings – and the import is ready! Don’t waste your time on doing difficult mappings or waiting until the import of transactions is done. Business importer makes all instead of you. And you can dedicate this time to more serious issues of your business or daily work.

Now you know how to import transactions into Quickbooks

Main features of Business Importer:
• Integration with QuickBooks
The app is totally integrated into QuickBooks.
• Makes import of transactions very easy
The process of transactions import is intuitive. Inside of application, you will find detailed instructions and a guide. However, if questions arise, we are ready to respond almost immediately – and high rates left by our clients at Intuit app center prove this!
• Remembers mappings
No need to do mapping from the beginning every time. Once you have created a mapping, Business Importer remembers it. You can reuse it for any other company.
• Reschedules import
Just change the file you want to import, and the import with the same settings will be done!
• Connects as many companies as you want
You can add as many companies as you want. One of the best features that many accountants admit is that Business Importer connects many companies.
Business Importer – is a must-to-have tool for everyone who uses QuickBooks. More than 450 companies use Business Importer today. They have imported 62898 objects.
Try it now and enjoy a 14-days trial!


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