How to import transactions into QuickBooks, using Google Drive sheet

import transactions into QuickBooks

There are several ways to implement import – to upload an Excel file into Business Importer or to paste in link from Google.Drive or DropBox. There are no questions on how to upload an Excel file, but from time to time, our clients ask us how to enter link. Here is a small How-to guide that will help you to import transactions into QuickBooks if your file is stored at Google.Drive.

How to import transactions into QuickBooks using sheet?

  1. Open your Google.Drive and find a necessary file you want to import into QuickBooks.
  2. Open this file, check out the information inside. 2
  3. Go to FilePublish to the web… 3
  4. In the window appeared on your screen click on the Publish button. Copy this link, and use it in Business importer to import transactions into QuickBooks. 4
  5. Go to Business Importer, open the Import tab. Paste the link into Enter url form. Click on the Next button.  5
    Then the process of importing transactions into QuickBooks is similar to if you uploaded Excel file.
  6. Create mapping. Select company, entity and choose appropriate labels. Then click on the Next button. import transactions into QuickBooks
  7. Verify if all information is entered correctly. And click on the Next button. import transactions into QuickBooks
  8. Your import is scheduled. Once the import is done, you will be notified by e-mail. import transactions into QuickBooks

If the file you want to import into QuickBooks is stored at Google.Drive, just publish it to the web for a while, copy the link and use it in Business Importer.

Business Importer is available on the Intuit app center. Download it here! Free 14 days trial.


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