Business Importer: Easter Gift Event

  Easter Event 2018 has been an official success. We would like to thank everyone who has participated, we were truly humbled by the amount of positive reviews of Business Importer and are grateful for your loyalty.

The results are in and to not make you wait any longer, we would like to announce the authors of 3 best Easter reviews.

The winners

1) Matt StratIS

2) Roumi

3) lakeland

The winners will be contacted by our team and will each receive a $150 Amazon Gift Card and a Family Dinner at their local restaurant.


Have you placed a review but have not gotten your guaranteed gift? Send us a screenshot and we will apply a Premium Plan for 1 month and send you a guaranteed gift from our Easter Bunny.

Stay tuned for our next events to have a chance of winning more fabulous gifts from Business Importer.

To be a part of our Easter Event, follow the 3 easy steps:

  1. Place your review of Business Importer hereWe especially welcome personality and originality!
  2. Take a screenshot. (How to take screenshots)
  3. Send it to

If you have placed a review before:

  1. Share the pinned post on Facebook with your comment.
  2. Take a screenshot. (How to take screenshots)
  3. Send it to

Easter Specials for 3 best comments:

Family Dinner and $150 Amazon Gift Card for your loved ones!

Guaranteed Gift:

Easter Gift from our team + Premium account to Everyone


*All certificates are provided in cooperation with and



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